I missed this one. AJOC EDITORIAL: State should foot the bill for salmon disaster

The first fishery management plan approved after the passage of the original  Magnuson Act in 1976 was the Alaska salmon FMP delegating that responsibility to  the Department of Fish & Game. After revisions to what later became the  Magnuson-Stevens Act were passed in 2006, all FMPs were required to be updated  within five years to meet new requirements for setting annual catch limits and  accountability measures….The result was the North Pacific Fishery Management Council amending the  salmon FMP in 2011 to officially remove waters near Cook Inlet, Prince William  Sound and the Alaska Peninsula from federal control. The only state-managed  salmon fishery that officially remains within the federal FMP is the Southeast  salmon troll fishery that must be managed in accord with the Pacific Salmon  Treaty between the U.S. and Canada. Read more


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