Massachusetts Fishermen need Attorney General Maura Healey’s help

When touring the North Shore a year and a half ago, then-candidate for attorney general Maura Healey made it a point to mention her family ties to Gloucester, Newburyport and the region’s fishing industry. The implication was that, if she were elected, fishermen would have a powerful ally on Beacon Hill, or at the very least someone who understood the unique difficulties facing the industry. Now, Healey is well into her second year as attorney general, and it is time to make good on her promise to protect the industry from federal overreach. We are talking specifically about the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s at-sea monitoring program,,, Read the rest here 18:00

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  1. Sam Parisi says:

    This is all taken care of thank s to senator Shaheen and NOAA is getting 50 million that will be enough money for five years .The bigger problem is NOAA science that our fisherman say is flawed .Hopefully bill HR 200 will correct this problem so tell your senator and congressmen to vote in favor of the bill Sam Parisi

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