Cooking Carlos in Canada while Boris Worm wants surveillance for all!

boris_worm_thCarlos Rafael posted a $1-million bond earlier this month to get out of jail and now he’s back in the fish business. Rafael’s a New England seafood legend whose life story reads like a movie script. His cautionary tale also helps explain why Dalhousie University scientist Boris Worm wants fishing vessels to be tracked more closely. But I’ll get back to that later. Rafael, born 63 years ago in Portugal’s Azorean Islands, is a legend in the New England fishing industry. He owns more than 40 vessels and has been described in U.S. media reports as a “pillar” of the seafood industry in New Bedford, Mass. Rafael’s defence team says he’s a good guy. He helped his mom and dad fix their home on the island of Corvo. He hosts an annual island fundraising meal for orphans — and for widows too, I’m sure. Read the rest here 13:30

3 Responses to Cooking Carlos in Canada while Boris Worm wants surveillance for all!

  1. philips66 says:

    Any scientist that receives federal grant money, should have electric monitoring in their workspace 24/7/365 so the public can observe how their money is being spent

  2. DickyG says:

    This article is another fine example of opportunistic moralizing by way of self-promotion. The author of this article is a principal at a public relations firm in Halifax, and has connections with the Dalhousie University marketing and communications staff.

    • Borehead says:

      Nice job digging this info up, Dick. I included the Boris lie on the facebook lead in. These jerks are all connected, and the Canadian guys should heed. The new Prime Minister is even worse than our soon to be gone Obama.

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