Drug testing a touchy issue on New Bedford’s waterfront

EP-160409847.jpg&MaxW=650&MaxH=650Local scallop captain Rick Lynch, 44, gave a compelling interview last October to Don Cuddy, program director for the New Bedford-based Center for Sustainable Fisheries. Cuddy is a former reporter and current freelancer for The Standard-Times. The recorded interview was aboard one of the two boats Lynch captains. Lynch declined to name those boats publicly, not wanting to involve ownership. Lynch also declined to have his photo taken for this story. But he consented to the use of his name, and use of the interview’s audio recording.  Cuddy recently played the interview for Major Patrick Moran of the Massachusetts Environmental Police, following March drug arrests on the waterfront. Lynch gives very personal recollections of his own struggles with drugs, and current observations of drug use and addiction on the docks. In an email to The Standard-Times, Moran called the interview credible and eye-opening. Read the article, Click here 07:31

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