Burnt twice: Digby County halibut fishermen handed $45,000 in penalties

alaska-halibut__frontAn illegal offload of halibut ended up costing three Digby County fishermen more than $45,000 in fines and lost revenue. Chris Titus, Peter Titus and Trevor Frost pled guilty April 5 to offloading halibut without an observer, failure to weigh the fish on a proper scale and offloading prior to haling in. Fisheries officers observed the illegal offload on Brier Island on June 10, 2015 and stopped a truck in Yarmouth carrying 712 pounds of halibut. The officers seized that halibut and the truck and another 182 pounds aboard the fishing vessel. Fisheries sold the fish for $7,129. The fishermen paid a $12,000 bond to get the truck back and the judge imposed a $14,000 fine. But the Fundy Fixed Gear Council (FFGC) also imposed sanctions,,, Read the rest here 10:13

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