Mayday on the Carolina Queen III

The seven fishermen aboard the Carolina Queen III, a 76-foot scalloping boat that set out from Norfolk, Va., had been at sea for four days when the skies darkened off the coast of the Rockaways. A powerful storm system that had already lashed the East Coast, bringing tornadoes, thunder, lightning, high winds and heavy rains, was barreling down on them. Homes had been flattened, vehicles had been tossed like Tinkertoys and trees had been ripped from their roots. At least seven people had died. The crew knew they were in for nasty weather, but they were scallopers. Weather comes with the job. Read the story here 07:52

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  1. Ec Newell Man says:

    Shame that the author did not do more research to find out that the, 1) NYFD does not have an aviation unit, and 2) the NYPD does have a large aviation unit with its base just 5 minutes from that location at Floyd Bennett Field with equipment and crews that is nationally famous for handling these types of marine incidents with the NYPD ‘AIR-SEA-RESCUE’ unit: with divers on board to go into the water if necessary.

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