NT coroner says Austral Fisheries should be prosecuted for fisherman’s death at sea

7335432-3x4-340x453The Northern Territory coroner has told an inquest into a fatal electrocution on a prawn trawler that Austral Fisheries should be prosecuted for providing an unsafe workplace. Coroner Greg Cavanagh made the comment while the company’s chief executive David Carter was giving evidence about his knowledge of. Ryan Donoghue, 20, was using a 240-volt angle grinder, plugged into a socket without a safety switch, to cut rusted shackles on the company’s Newfish 1 trawler in 2013. Mr Donoghue had bare feet when a wave hit him and the trawler’s crew members were unable to revive him with CPR. “This workplace was unsafe,” Mr Cavanagh said. “I reckon that your workplace should be prosecuted for it, but no-one’s going to do it.” Video, Read the rest here 11:52

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