It’s Down to the Wire! ‘Wicked’ Tuna’ – The Season Finale

e4c0j“Like every season, everybody wants to be the top boat for multiple reasons—one being bragging rights and the next making the most money,” Captain Dave said. “And we have been on the top almost every season… it’s pretty stressful for us though. We have to be at the top of your game everyday and try to do the best we can. It’s very stressful overall but we enjoy it, we love being out there—we love fishing. The show has already been renewed for a sixth season, and Carraro thinks he understands why so many Americans are fascinated with the show. “Most people that are in the middle of the country just away from the ocean, never knew that Bluefin Tuna of this size and magnitude existed,” he said. “So for them they are just totally fascinated by the sheer size and power of the fish in addition to the money.” Video, read the rest here 13:28

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