Will they finally be sunk? Sea Shepherd takes fight to Chinese fleets fishing illegally

0dd64034da4217fbc687c29ff7acb4bcIt took two days and nights for the exhausted crew of the MY Steve Irwin to recover the drift net that had been abandoned by the fleeing Chinese fishing vessel. Most of the 321 marine animals the 5km of illegal netting had entangled, including sharks, dolphins, bluefin tuna and seals, were already dead. “It was the worst thing we could see but we knew it was the last time this net would kill and we could at least save a few of the animals – that was important,” says Bernd Mutz, a former social worker from Dortmund, Germany, who took part in the operation. “The days of smoke flares are over,” says Gary Stokes, director of Sea Shepherd Southeast Asia. Based in Hong Kong, Stokes is one of eight global directors who run the organisation, and its eight vessels, under the watchful eye of controversial Canadian founder Paul Watson (more on him later). Read the rest here 11:23

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