Biloxi, Ms. Fisherman and tourists prepare for shrimp season

10714142_GMany say that shrimp are one of the most beloved types of seafood.  “We’re looking for some shrimp for the gumbo, and also for the grill, and to fix it other ways. We’d figure we’d come by here,” said tourist, Lucretia Pope. Fisherman like Randy Lesso, Jr. are preparing for the Monday kickoff of shrimp season. “My dad has been doing this for 44 years, I’m just following in his footsteps. “Our boats are ready to go and ready for the opening on Monday morning.”Lesso says that at the end of the day, it’s all about serving the customer. “It’s a great feeling because you can come down here and get some fresh shrimp off our boats. Every morning you come in here 7, 7:30 to get what we caught that night. A lot of people love it, that’s why they come down here to see us.” Video, read the rest here 12:06

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