Lobsterman rescued from boat fire ‘lost everything,’ still thankful

EP-160629940.jpg&MaxW=650&MaxH=650Hoarse and shaken from jumping into the cold Atlantic to escape his burning boat a day prior, Joshua Ford said Monday he’s “fortunate” to be part of the fishing community and grateful to his rescuers from New Hampshire Fish and Game. Ford also has a survivor’s tale that will likely live on in the history of local fishermen. It began late Sunday morning when Ford, 31, and his 24-year-old deckhand, cousin Curtis Oliver, were returning to port with a boat full of lobster traps. Ford was motoring the F/V GIB, a lobster boat built in Dover three generations ago, that he’d admired since he was 17. “I loved the lines,” he said. “It was a really beautiful boat.” In the “middle of the ocean,” in the boat he bought five years ago, Ford said he heard a “weird noise” and opened the engine box to investigate. Flames “the size of the boat” escaped from the engine area and consumed the entire boat, Ford said. Read the story here 07:02

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