Nova Scotia fishermen mourned

WOODS HARBOUR, N.S.—Hundreds of people gathered in churches in southwestern Nova Scotia on Sunday as friends and religious leaders

urged their communities to offer support to the families grieving the loss of five young fishermen.

“This is a time of sorrow,” said Sandy Stoddard, a veteran fishermen who was among the last to have radio contact with the captain of the Miss Ally, 21-year-old Katlin Nickerson.

“I’ve lost a piece of me,” he said as he spoke tenderly to crying relatives in Calvary United Baptist church in Woods Harbour, where about 500 people filled the pews.

Stoddard said there will be further efforts to commemorate the five young fishermen, and that he intends to drop wreaths at the site of the Miss Ally.

He said it will be difficult to return to halibut fishing because he will be thinking of the young men he once taught and advised on the North Atlantic.

“I’ll look across that ocean and I’ll always wonder, ‘Why didn’t you just take me God.’”

“Those children still had their lives to live.”

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