Reedsport celebrates economic milestone thanks to Fred Wahl Marine’s 40th boat launch!

A big celebration is taking place in Reedsport. Fred Wahl Marine marked a big milestone Thursday with the launch of yet another commercial fishing boat, and the success of the business means big dollars for the south coast. Owner Fred Wahl has reached a milestone with the launch of its 40th boat. “Commercial fishing boats over 50 feet … we build more boats here than anywhere else in the United States,” Wahl says. The successful shipyard is reaching the final stages on its expansion project. With its new location on Bolin Island the shipyard will triple in size and provide a shot in the arm for Reedsport’s economy. “50 percent increase in our repair work is probably equal to another $3-4 million a year in revenue, and all that’s going to be spent in Douglas County or southern Oregon anyway,” says project manager Jim Zimmer. Video, Read the rest here 14:29

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