Is Synthetic bait the answer to natural bait shortages? Kepley Biosystems is banking on it!

organbait_750xx4272-2403-0-223As the lobster bait shortage on the US east coast continues to attract more attention — recently prompting regulation changes in on the east coast  — a North Carolina-based synthetic bait startup is in a good position to fill the gap in bait supply. Kepley Biosystems is responsible for developing, a hockey puck-shaped product that mimics the smell emitted by decaying forage fish, the traditional bait used to catch crab and lobster, but uses no animal byproducts. Anthony Dellinger, president of Kepley Biosystems, said that the shortage of forage fish for bait has been a growing issue for a while, but has recently garnered more attention. Read the rest here 09:06

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