Fishermen’s Lawsuit Revived for Abalone Protection

This lawsuit is about Eco-Based Management in the purest sense. Overruling a trial court, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals [Tuesday] reinstated plflawsuit to protect abalone and other shellfish resources — and the industries dependent on them — from being ravaged by sea otters in the waters off the Southern California coast. The lawsuit — California Sea Urchin Commission, et al. v. Jacobson, et. al.targets the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for illegally eliminating a “sea otter management zone” (i.e., a zone of protection for shellfish off the Southern California coast) which Congress established under a 1986 statute. PLF attorneys represent fishermen, a California state commission, and several nonprofit organizations with a direct interest in maintaining healthy populations of shellfish. In challenging the Service’s violation of its legal mandate to contain the sea otter population, PLF attorneys represent: The California Sea Urchin Commission, California Abalone Association, California Lobster and Trap Fishermen’s Association, Commercial Fishermen of Santa Barbara. Read the rest here 20:35

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  1. Carolyn Walden says:

    I have a story to tell about how the abalone population was really depleted.
    I bought and sold over 2,000 9” red abalones in one month at The Abalone Shop in Half Moon Bay back in the mid 80’s.
    The record for the history of CA to my knowledge.
    There is a culprit. I have his name. It’s not in the history books. But it sure is colorful and salty.

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