Listen to the Bristol Bay Fisheries Report, July 18, 2016

IMG_1234The total run to Bristol Bay through Sunday is now 41.2 million. Sunday was another two million fish day, with 1.5 million landed and 500,000 counted as escapement. Will this run reach or surpass the preaseason forecasts? (ADF&G – 46 million / FRI – 51.9 million) Naknek-Kvichak Sunday harvest: 809,000 (821 sockeye avg. per drift delivery) Ugashik: 308,000 (1205) Egegik: 291,000 (857)Nushagak: 186,000 (589) Togiak had the day off.  On tonight’s program, Egegik fisherman and BBFA board member David Kopra reacts to a price posted by Icicle Seafoods of .75/lb for sockeye, plus a .15/lb chilling bonus. (Icicle also says chums .40/lb, kings $1.25/lb, pinks .23/lb, silvers .55/lb.) One longtime Trident Seafoods fisherman says his company offered the same for reds. (Like to share what your companies have posted?  Email Dave or Molly or call 907-842-5281.)  Plus, FRI’s Curry Cunningham breaks down the district runs, and weighs in on what tail that Naknek Kvichak district may, or may not, see this week. Listen to the report here 10:59

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