Holyrood plans crackdown on recreational caught seafood black market

Lobster Fishing - Isle of TireeA crackdown on “hobby fishers” who sell lobsters, prawns, crabs, scallops and other seafood for financial gain was welcomed by an industry leader last night. Scottish Creel Fishermen’s Federation (SCFF) chairman Alistair Sinclair said genuine commercial fishers supported efforts to end a practice which was widespread and had “been going on ever since people started to fish”. He was speaking after the Scottish Government launched a consultation on plans to introduce catch limits for hobby fishers in inshore waters. SCFF, which has 480 members around Scotland, has played a key role in discussions on the way forward for hobby and unlicensed fishermen. Mr Sinclair said: “It was widely recognised around the table that there is a black market serving people who want to procure their shellfish as cheaply as possible. “This affects bona fide fishermen who are trying to earn their living from the sea.” Read the rest here 14:41

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