Australian Southern bluefin tuna boom reaps reward for east coast fishermen

 southern bluefinSouthern bluefin tuna fishermen along the east coast are making the most of a booming Japanese market. Aquaculture quotas in South Australia are being leased to the east coast long-line fishery as it proves more efficient and profitable. Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Association chief executive Brian Jeffries said operators were cashing in on the rejuvenated fishery and South-East Asia demand. “The catch on the east coast of southern bluefin has gone from 30 tonnes about three to four years ago to almost 600 tonnes this year,” he said. “That’s a major diversification of the use of the quota from fish farming in South Australia to long lining on the east coast.” The shift from aquaculture to wild-caught tuna is driven by profitability, as well as a relaxation over the regulation around the way catch quota can be distributed. Read the rest here 18:59

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