Fishermen Outraged! ‘We have to buy our jobs back’

buy backThe opposition has demanded the State Government press pause on controversial reforms to the commercial fishing industry, it claims will force fishers to “borrow money to buy shares to do the job they already do”. During a visit to Stockton on Friday, Shadow Minister for Primary Industries Mick Veitch also described it as “ludicrous” to be asking fishers around Williamtown to be investing in more shares while they are still locked out of contaminated waterways at Fullerton Cove and upper Tilligerry Creek. Mr Veitch met with a group of about 20 fisherman to protest the reforms, which are due to come into effect in July next year. They will introduce minimum shareholdings – meaning smaller players could be squeezed out of the industry unless they buy more shares – and link fishing rights to catch levels. One veteran of the industry, John Verdich, estimated the changes would cost him $120,000. “That’s just to get back to what I’m doing,” he said.  Read the story here 16:06

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