National Fisherman Magazine and Support for Marine Monuments

Many in the fishing industry have supported National Fisherman magazine for many years. What they may be surprised to learn is that it may not be supporting them. In the August 2016 edition, Daniel Hildreth, Chairman of the Board of Diversified Communications, which publishes National Fisherman, writes, “we encourage the administration, and those who have expressed opposition to the designations, to reconsider and support the designation of Cashes Ledge and the canyons and the seamounts as marine monuments.” To read A Letter From the Chairman, Click here
The Cashes Ledge and canyon monuments have been unilaterally opposed by virtually every segment of the fishing industry, as well as the NEFMC and ASMFC . In fact, the ASMFC  sent a letter to the White House requesting support for an alternative proposal that leaves fishery management protections in the canyons to the NEFMC’s ongoing Deep Sea Corals Amendment.  In contrast to the marine monument process, which held just one public meeting on the subject without any definite or proposed boundaries of a monument, the NEFMC process will include many public meetings, chance of public input, and scientific analysis. Fisheries at stake in a marine monument declaration include lobster, red crab, whiting, squid, mackerel, butterfish, groundfish, tilefish, and even sea scallops.
Why then would Mr. Hildreth, who writes that his family’s business “has served the commercial fishing and seafood industries for over 45 years”,  support a monument designation that would put all of these fisheries, fishermen, and the businesses that rely on them in jeopardy? Perhaps it may be due the fact that Mr. Hildreth is also a supporter of Conservation Law Foundation, which has been an avid supporter of designation Cashes Ledge and the New England canyons as marine monuments.  To see CLF’s 2015 annual report and donor list, Click here 16:21

4 Responses to National Fisherman Magazine and Support for Marine Monuments

  1. DickyG says:

    This is a naïve, if not foolish, position to take. National Fisherman has just lost a long time subscriber and I doubt that I’m alone in this response.

  2. MIGHTYJ says:

    I wouldn’t wipe my ass with that ragazine.

  3. Joel Hovanesian says:

    I too am done with that rag. It’s been in a downward spiral anyway. Too bad, a long heritage there. You reap what you sow

  4. Ec Newell Man says:

    Full disclosure… I was receiving ‘NF’ free for a few years due to a website I run. If “anyone”, especially the target industry fishing audience didn’t realize how a once traditional and community based fishing industry magazine morphed in its subtle political tone, along with having articles and editorials that literally were “carrying the water” for this current rogue administration, it does astound me as it was pretty obvious. Another large corporation which felt more comfortable in keeping advertisers happy by not rocking the boat, then in being an advocate and vocal supporter of fishermen by pushing back against the ENGO agenda of NOAA/NMFS which is deconstructing the American fishing industry.

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