Community Supported Fishery’s – Membership-driven fishery starts taking orders

57cb39601ca26.imageA new community-supported fishery has opened in Carteret County, with a focus on providing seafood to local residents and visitors. On Aug. 27, Taylor Chadwick, a commercial fisherman from Beaufort and owner of Chadwick’s Seafood, officially began his own community-supported fishery. This type of fishery operates by having customers sign up for a membership and participating fishermen provide locally caught seafood to the members. An example of one such fishery, which was also started in Carteret County, is Walking Fish, but while that community fishery charges a monthly fee for its seafood and focuses on inland sales, Mr. Chadwick’s fishery charges for individual purchases and focuses on the local seafood market. According to the fishery’s website,, the fishery will operate from March to December. Mr. Chadwick said members who sign up on the website may start placing orders for seafood on Monday. Read the story here 12:46

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