The heartbreak of lost Shea Heights fishermen, for friends, families and reporters alike – Jonathan Crowe

reporter-jon-croweIn 31 years at the CBC I’ve seen a lot. I’ve covered murders, sex assault trials and every permutation of accidental death, from fire to car crashes. Most of the nasty stuff we cover has already happened. It’s a murder scene with police tape around it, a car crash with a blue tarpaulin draped over the spot where someone bled out or died on impact. There’s already a distance established when the reporters show up. We are shooting the aftermath, trying to piece together the story from the police. But there is nothing as raw as a loss at sea. A boat going down is heartbreakingly different than such other tragedies, especially when it affects a community —especially when that community is as close-knit as Shea Heights. And worse, when two of the men still have not been recovered, the inevitable is cruelly dragged out. Read the story here 08:19

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