Shocked fishermen discover male human genitals inside a large yellowfin tuna caught in Tampa Bay

Jerry Masterson, 33, caught the large yellowfin tuna yellowfin-pg-14-two_edited-1weighing in at over 80 pounds in Tampa Bay, Florida. The horror discovery was made when Mr Masterson started gutting the fish while onboard the boat. “We were convinced we were just going to have one of those days when the fish don’t bite, when I felt a big tug on my line.” Mr Masterson was at first thrilled to land the massive tuna, but was soon disgusted at what he found. He said: “I had just made a cut behind the fish’s head and through its belly, running the knife down along its spine. “My first reaction was one of disgust, because there was a terrible smell of decomposing meat coming from the fish’s stomach. “Inside the fish’s stomach was an awful sight. There was no mistaking that I was looking at a man’s penis and testicles.” Read the rest here 09:22

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