“Talking” Cod Found To Have Regional Accents

Professor Simpson: ‘There is a vast ecosystem on our doorstep which we barely understand – but all rely on. It’s time to get out there and listen.’ The academic, who discusses the research at an event organised by the National Environment Research Council this week, suggested boats could avoid spawning grounds at key times. He hopes to use the new ‘quiet’ ship, RRS Sir David Attenborough, the vessel the public wanted to name Boaty McBoatface, to continue his study. Recordings of American cod are very different to those from their European cousins, so there is a precedent. This species is highly vocal, with traditional breeding grounds established over hundreds or even thousands of years, so the potential for regionalism is there.’However, there is also growing concern that essential fish ‘gossip’ is being drowned out by noisy boats and drilling. Sounds travel far further under the sea as water is hundreds of times denser than air. The work could help shed light on whether southern fish will be able to understand their northern counterparts if they are forced to seek out the colder waters they prefer because of climate change. (rolls eyes) Read the story here You can listen to these cod talking by clicking here  13:47

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