NOAA Launches Observer Safety Program Review

fisheries observerNOAA is now conducting an Observer Safety Program Review as part of our ongoing efforts to assess and evaluate procedures for keeping U.S. fisheries observers and at-sea monitors safe. The health and safety of our observers and at-sea monitors is a top priority for the agency. The review will focus on seven areas related to safety and health, including: safety reporting, communications, practices and policies, training, regulations, equipment, and international observer programs. An outside contractor will conduct the safety review on behalf of the agency. The work is intense, and conditions can be uncomfortable. Observers may spend days, weeks, or months aboard commercial fishing and receiving vessels. Long trips, close quarters, and their role in monitoring compliance can sometimes lead to tensions onboard. Preparing observers for safe deployments requires an active partnership between NOAA Fisheries (including our Office of Law Enforcement and General Counsel), observers, observer providers, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the fishing industry. Read about it here 10:51

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