Japanese Fishermen Painted as ‘Sadists’ in Oscar-Winner “The Cove” 

w460A group of Japanese fishermen have broken their silence over a controversial annual dolphin kill that was the focus of the Oscar-winning documentary “The Cove”. “In the film we are portrayed like a town of criminals,” said Yoshiharu Kai, head of the Taiji Fishermen’s Union. “It’s an interesting film but it’s not a truthful film.” This week marked the first time representatives of the southwestern Japanese fishing village of Taiji have spoken to international media about the impact felt in their community after the release of “The Cove”.  The Louie Psihoyos-directed documentary caused an international uproar following its release in 2009. The film takes an unflinching look at a practice that dates back 400 years, with close-up scenes of slaughter after dolphins are driven close in to shore, and of disputes between the fishermen and environmental protesters. Highly publicized and widespread social and international condemnation of the kill followed the release of the film. Concerns were also raised over the methods used by the filmmakers to capture footage used, and about the film’s general depiction of Japanese people. Read the story here 12:27

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