The election has enviro groups all worked up! – Reactions to Trump victory trickle in from seafood industry

donald-trump-1Seafood companies and industry groups have begun to issue statements and responses to the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States. Trump has said little about the seafood industry directly, but he has expressed favor for policies that reduce environmental barriers preventing the further development American industry, which may lead to changes in the management of U.S. fisheries. Trump has also taken a strong stand against free-trade agreements, and if he acts on pledges to scuttle the Trans-Pacific Partnership framework, add tariffs on Chinese imports and renegotiate or withdraw from the North America Free Trade Agreement, it will likely have an significant effect on the global seafood trade.,, Fred Krupp, the president of nonprofit advocacy group Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), posted his thoughts on the election in a blog post on EDF’s website. “The election of Donald Trump has profoundly altered the landscape in which environmentalists work. While environmental issues weren’t central to the campaign, President-elect Trump took positions during the campaign that were directly counter to ours — and contradicted by science,” Krupp wrote. “We are still assessing the challenges that lie ahead, but this much is clear: The next few years will bring some big fights and also some unpredictable fluidity.” World Wildlife Fund President and CEO Carter Roberts also issued a statement,,, Read the story here 13:53

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  1. DANDOG says:

    If EDF and the rest of their cohorts are speaking out against the president elect , then that’s all the more reason to support him!! I’m hoping-just maybe?- that all that back room BS will come to an end -keep our fingers crossed….

    • Borehead says:

      The enviro’s realize their progress over the past 8 years is in jeopardy.
      They are petrified that NOP could be eliminated, which is what I’d like to see exterminated 1st.
      From an article:
      As Ocean conservationists we face huge challenges including the prospect of the National Ocean Policy being deep sixed. President Obama launched this in 2010 with the intent to encourage closer collaboration between federal agencies and to coordinate ocean uses at the regional level. What former Coast Guard Commandant Thad Allen called, “putting urban planning into the water column.”
      Still, some Republicans consider it the Obamacare of the Ocean so there’s a strong likelihood it will be scuttled.
      Remember the Admiral during the Gulf fiasco?

      • Joel Hovanesian says:

        The word progress implies something good. I would have to say the last 8 years have been anything but good here in New England, or anywhere quite frankly.
        I would say the enviros are realizing their their corruption and control over the federal agencies which have been granted to them is now in jeopardy. Time to DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!

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