Inuit Seal Hunters Lash Out At Green Peace For Anti-Hunting Campaign

Since the Green Peace anti-seal hunting campaign came out in full force in Canada in the 1970’s, the Inuit way of life has been impacted severely.  While the campaign was aimed at commercial sealing, the price of seal pelt dropped so drastically that the entire Inuit community was at a complete loss. The 1983 ban on importation of the baby white seal pelt is known among Inuits as “The Great Depression”, in which livelihoods were so severely impacted that suicide rates skyrocketed. Earlier this November, there was a motion in Canada to establish a “National Seal Products Day”, to which Green Party Leader Elizabeth May was opposed. Yvonne Jones, an Inuk MP for Labrador, describes the bill as “an opportunity for us to reflect upon the seal, the cultural use of the seal, the sustainability of the seal in our lives, and how it maintains its strength for Canadians as source of food, as source for crafts, and as a source of economic sustainability in many regions across the country.” Read the rest of the story here 10:13

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