BIG Tuna story! Local man hauls in huge catch

It seems like everyone has a big fish story – and every year that fish – and the tall tale that goes along with it, gets bigger and bigger. But for Reidsville native Tommy Adkins, he’s got the story and the photos to prove that his big fish story, is the real deal. Adkins, a self-described small-time commercial fisherman, took his boat “Fish ‘N Frenzy” out off the coast of Morehead City last Wednesday morning and came home with a whopping 800 pound-plus Atlantic blue fin tuna. It was not only the biggest tuna Adkins ever landed, but also the biggest blue fin tuna caught off the Morehead City port so far this season. After the fish was processed and cleaned, it dressed at 629 pounds and sold for $19 per pound. That’s a $11,951 pay day, but Adkins says there is a huge expense that goes along with the job that most people don’t realize. Click here to read the rest of the story 17:00

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