Memorializing a fishing tragedy helps complete a family puzzle — 50 years later

About 200 Islanders gathered in Souris, P.E.I., on Saturday to remember the 10 fishermen who died when their boat Iceland II was grounded in a storm off Cape Breton 50 years ago. For one family, it completed a family puzzle that had been missing a piece all those years. “Out of tragedy, comes some good news today,” said Sandra Hodder Acorn, who was only two months old when her father, Capt. Tom Hodder, went down with the boat. “We’re remembering all the men that went down today and we’re making new connections and finding new family members.” The story goes like this: After the tragedy, Hodder’s mother got remarried to a man named Buddy O’Hanley. He had a son, David, a crewmember who was also killed that day. continue reading the story here 09:46

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