It’s Friday! Try the “Of the Sea” brew! Brewing Company Used 30 Lobsters to Make This Beer

Founded by Andrew Cooper and Brett Ellis, The Wild Beer Co. has come out with several eclectic flavors, including sake, toffee apples, and mushrooms. However, their shellfish beer is one of their most interesting yet, partially because of the process that goes into the brewing. According to the official website, the flavor was inspired by the team’s love for lobster bisque and shellfish, and so they held a “bisque-off” to develop the best beer idea. Cooper, Ellis, and the rest of the team boiled 30 (yes, 30) lobsters into a big pot to boil for 12 minutes before stripping their meat away. They got to munch on the fresh lobster while the shells were grilled and boiled once again. Click here to read the story 11:27

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