1993 – Scallopers See a Livelihood Imperiled

Like the 19th-century whalers who lived and labored here before them, scallopers say they fear they may become the next fallen icons of New England, remembered only in museums, books and the tall barroom tales of fishermen.,,, Tensions soared last month when Federal agents raided 22 scalloping vessels in the Port of New Bedford, seizing $126,220 worth of scallops. The agents, armed and wearing bulletproof vests, charged six boat owners with catching undersized, or baby, scallops and a seventh with unloading a catch outside the 5 A.M.-to-5 P.M. “window” set by Federal officials. ,,, “We’re not drug runners; we’re not murderers; we’re not rapists,” said Bobby Bruno, a 52-year-old scalloper who started as a deckhand 33 years ago and now owns the Alpha & Omega II, a 96-foot scalloping ship. “We’re just fishermen, and we go out and we work hard so we can come home and be with our families and be happy.” Take a look back. Click here to read the story 08:34

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