Coast Guard probes ‘oily sheen’ at Port Canaveral, zeroing in on two commercial fishing vessels

The Coast Guard is in the midst of a full-scale investigation of what the agency and Port Canaveral officials are describing as an “oily sheen” that was reported over Memorial Day weekend in the channel near the Cove area of the port. Coast Guard Lt. Cmdr. Stephen West, marine safety detachment supervisor at Port Canaveral, said the Coast Guard zeroed on two commercial fishing vessels that were in Port Canaveral at the time of the incident as the potential sources of the substance in the water. Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Josh Decker, who is working on the investigation, said samples from the bilge of the two boats were sent to a special laboratory in New London, Connecticut, to see if they match a sample of the oily substance found in the port channel. Decker said each sample has its own characteristics, and no two are alike, much like a fingerprint. So getting a match would indicate proof of the boat that was the source of the substance in the water. click here to read the story 14:37

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