Fishing for hope and faith

Many mornings the trucks of fishermen and lobster-men can be seen parked on Country Way in front of the North Scituate Marylou’s Coffee. Recently one truck had a new bumper sticker added that proclaims, “PRESIDENT TRUMP MAKE COMMERCIAL FISHING GREAT AGAIN!” After last week’s decision by the president to pull the US from the non-ratified Paris climate accord, perhaps there is some hope for commercial fishermen that other actions will mitigate the burdensome regulations and ineffective quota restrictions that have practically destroyed the industry. Now most commercial fisherman will not disagree that the climate is changing, along with seawater temperatures. Many of those that make their living harvesting the sea’s bounty respect the phenomenal force that is our environment and have faith that the system is naturally self-correcting. In other words, trying to control nature is like shoveling sand against the tide.  Speaking of hope and faith, a well-known member of the Scituate community who happens to be recreational fisherman had his own reminder of the importance of hope and faith. click here to read the story 09:31

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