P.E.I. fishermen surprise tall ship crew by giving them lobster

A Spanish tall ship visiting P.E.I. drifted into a seafood surprise off Beach Point when it received some fresh lobster from fisherman Frank MacNeill and his crew. It was just before sunset on Tuesday, June 27, and the fishermen had finished hauling up the lobster traps aboard MacNeill’s boat, Spray Maker, when they realized the tall ship was close by. “She wasn’t far from us at all,” said MacNeill. “I just circled up and I asked them if they’d got lobsters off any of the (other lobster fishermen) and they said no.” There were four or five other lobster boats in the same waters that day, said MacNeill, some of which had already approached the tall ship. “I went back and seen what was in the trays — there was probably 35 or more lobsters — and I said to the boys, ‘we mays as well give ‘em all.’ ” click here to read the story 08:24

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