Thomas Quintin Jr. – Lost New Bedford fisherman’s life was his family and the sea

Kaylen Quintin learned about her family’s past through the walls of Seamen’s Bethel. Thomas Quintin Jr., her father, routinely showed his daughter and son, Noah, the names inscribed on the back wall dedicated to fishermen lost at sea. Within the wall of names, he emphasized two: his grandfathers, Wilfred Quintin and Ronald Foley. “I will certainly be taking my kids there,” Kaylen said. “Now, it won’t just be Wilfred Quintin and Ronald Foley, though, it will be Thomas Quintin, too.” Thomas Quintin Jr. fell overboard from the Miss Shauna on Monday. The Coast Guard concluded its search for the third-generation fisherman from New Bedford on Tuesday night. “You can bury anyone in a graveyard,” Kaylen said. “You can’t put anybody’s name up on that wall. I think that’s what he would have wanted. That’s just so much more meaningful considering the situation.”  click here to read the story 08:50

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