It’s not all about cod and crab – Whelk, toad crab, monkfish among species that are bringing new revenue into N.L.’s seafood industry

There are plenty of fish in the sea … but can we make a buck fishing them? Fishermen in Newfoundland and Labrador are rethinking the resources at their disposal, given collapsing quotas for crab and shrimp, and a cod stock that has not yet recovered enough for a full commercial fishery. “You need to be in four to five fisheries to add up to what we had when we had the crab,” said Winston Pitcher, who has had his individual crab quota go down by 80 per cent over the past seven years. To make up for it, he’s got licences for four other species: sea cucumbers, whelk, scallops, and bluefin tuna. click here to read the story 20:15

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