Denny Hamlin freaked out by 22-lb live lobster after winning New Hampshire NASCAR race

Like many NASCAR tracks, New Hampshire Motor Speedway has a distinct tradition where it rewards winning drivers with a prize representative of that particular region. Similar to how the trophy at Auto Club Speedway in Southern California includes a surfboard, or Texas Motor Speedway a cowboy boot. What awaited the winner of Sunday’s Cup Series race at New Hampshire was a 22-pound live lobster. A prize race-winner Denny Hamlin wanted no part of as he fled when crew chief Mike Wheeler tried to hand Loudon the Lobster to him in victory lane. Hamlin did overcome his fear briefly to take a few photographs with the crustacean. click here to read the story 12:04

  • philips66

    too funny. Maybe he should skip the new hampshire race next year

  • CaptainGroovy

    Dummy I mean Denny is not the only driver to get freaked out by the living trophy from the Magic Mile, myself every time I see one of those big lobsters just think I wonder if I would get tired of eating lobster after having it for a dinner or three or five or seven