Tough time for West Coast tuna fishermen as Albacore catch dwindles along the coast

Ask any fishermen, processor, buyer and they will say the same thing: It’s been an abysmal season for albacore tuna. Commercial tuna fishermen are going out further and stay out longer. Recreational tuna charters have been warning customers of the spotty fishing and suggesting salmon trips instead.  In past years the albacore fishing came easier, when fish were nearer to shore schooled in numbers, but neither has been the case for the 2017 season. “The fishermen are bringing in very little or no income for their families,” said Oregon Albacore Commission executive director Nancy Fitzpatrick. The slow fishing has meant freezer boats are staying out longer to find the fish and fill their hold, sometimes as long as a few weeks beyond what’s typical. click here to read the story 13:23

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