Fishermen urge state to sue Feds over Fluke fishing limits

Several dozen fishermen, women and lawmakers last week urged Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to make good on a promise to sue the federal government over New York’s disproportionately low share of the fluke fishery.  At a meeting at East Hampton Town Hall last Wednesday, the gathering of fishing interests sought to unify their agenda before a meeting with top state officials scheduled for next month. The commercial fishery for fluke was shut down in September for the first time in recent memory. It reopened Oct. 1 with a 50-pound daily limit. New York gets 7.6 percent of the commercial fluke quota, while North Carolina and Virginia get more than 20 percent each. click here to read the story 07:37

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  1. Daniel Rodgers says:

    Gov Cuomo letter to Wilbur Ross regarding lawsuit over Fluke quota for New York

  2. DonM says:

    All Fisherman around the country should contact your Lawmakers and urge them to extend the territorial sea off every State to be modified to be 24 miles offshore.

    This will make near coastal and usually the most productive waters subject to State Management. Local management stands a better chance of being regulated with the States Fisherman’s needs to be considered. As we all know state regulators should be more accessible to the local fisherman. Thus more likely to actually work with and examine the landings when trying to make a logical assessment of the fishery.

    Many times there are cases where the Federal Government closes or greatly restricts Fisheries in Federal Waters without good data to support a valid justification for the restriction.

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