Fortune Fish hopes to haul in e-commerce sales with Lobster Gram

In its first foray into the world of e-commerce, Fortune Fish & Gourmet, one of the largest seafood distributors in the country, acquired Chicago-based Lobster Gram in April. The live lobster is still sourced from Maine — and some frozen lobster tails from Brazil, New Zealand and other locales — but all orders are now packaged at Fortune’s facility near O’Hare International Airport and shipped all over the country.  It was the fourth acquisition in five years for the fast-growing Fortune Fish, which expects to bring in more than $240 million in revenue this year, according to Sean O’Scannlain, president and CEO of parent company Fortune International. “We’ve always thought, What can we do to sell direct to people all over the country via FedEx? click here to read the story  16:06

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