Offshore Wind Technology Failure – Offshore wind is not all its cracked up to be!

Massachusetts’ ambitious goal to deploy offshore wind is supported by a 2016 Massachusetts state law that requires state utilities to purchase this power. This developer-friendly law exposes tax and ratepayers to triple current energy cost after public subsidies equal to 65 percent of project cost. The public now assumes the lion’s share of economic risks, while wind developers’ “skin in the game,” is as little as 10 percent. The United States has adopted the United Kindom’s offshore wind turbine design code. Massachusetts lawmakers wrongly assume that offshore wind is a reliable energy source. Per a landmark judgment issued by the U.K. Supreme Court in July 2017, there is fundamental failure in the offshore wind industry standard design code (J101). Barbara Durkin

Landmark Case Changes Offshore Wind Legal Landscape – >click here to read< 14:45

2 Responses to Offshore Wind Technology Failure – Offshore wind is not all its cracked up to be!

  1. noturbine says:

    Weather-dependent and part-time, wind/solar must be paired with fossil fuel generation to chase their output or blackouts would be common. As a system, wind/solar/FF is not green. Inconvenient truth: “Wind and solar are much less efficient decarbonizers than combined-cycle gas turbines”
    And nuclear is the champ at decarbonizing.

  2. Paul a says:

    I don’t understand other than $ and politics, shall we remain in the stone age? Tesla was right!

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