Hundred organisations opposes industrial ocean fish farming

More than a hundred organisations have formally announced their united opposition to industrial ocean fish farming in U.S. waters. According to Friends of the Earth, the move comes as some members of Congress are attempting to force through legislation to develop offshore fish farming nationwide. In a letter to members of Congress, the broad coalition representing a wide range of interests, including commercial and recreational fishing, indigenous populations, consumer advocacy, food, farming and conservation, called on legislators to protect oceans from development of marine finfish aquaculture off U.S. shores. >click to read<08:59

One Response to Hundred organisations opposes industrial ocean fish farming

  1. Dick Grachek says:

    Aquaculture is about corporate profit. Do not believe the BS that it’s “needed to meet the world’s protein needs”! Commercial Fishing is being choked off by ersatz science and agenda-driven (anti-fishing NGO steered) management. The fish stocks are in good shape (see NOAA’s recent report) and more than capable of “meeting the world’s protein needs”; but first, the anti-fishing energy and aquaculture “lobby” has to be exposed and dismantled.

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