Virtual whale entanglements seen as a learning tool

Scientists know for sure that commercial fishing rope entangles and eventually can kill North Atlantic right whales. But with the aid of technology to simulate an entrapment, scientists want to better understand and ultimately identify new, less harmful gear options. “We don’t want to have solutions that are good for whales but bad for fishermen,” said biologist Timothy Werner, who co-authored a recent study about the interactive simulation technology at the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life at the New England Aquarium in Boston. >click to read<19:26

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  1. Philip Fyfe says:

    You all should join the FB fishery related pages and read their comments…my own observation is this. Your ideas, grant writing, funds awarded, are not working WITH the industry you are so concerned with. No one wishes to harm whales (besides those who hunt them)…fishermen feel threatened by the lack of communication towards solving the problem of entanglement, that you are trying to manifest. 1) whales are dying from being struck by ships & entanglement in fishing gear. 2) there is a struggle to get cooperation with those operating vessels & using fishing gear near to whale feeding & breeding areas. Number (2) seems to be the best starting point….find how to build a respectful (learning & educating) process that everyone can benefit from…offer respect & (hopefully) receive the same. Just a few thoughts.

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