‘Wicked Tuna’ captains re-up for 9th season

The hit National Geographic series “Wicked Tuna” has been renewed for a ninth season, and the finale of season eight airs this Sunday, June 16, at 9 p.m. in an extended 90-minute episode “The Final Tail.” “Wicked Tuna,” which is filmed on location in Gloucester and the surrounding waters, airs internationally on National Geographic in 171 countries and in 43 languages.  The producers have found that this television series has hooked millions of viewers not only from the region but from around the world. Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken knows the city benefits from this wave of notoriety. “It’s great for the city as it continues to put us on the map,” she said. >click to read<22:03

3 Responses to ‘Wicked Tuna’ captains re-up for 9th season

  1. Jerry perez says:

    Is a good show

  2. Gary Goldstein says:

    never miss an episode…The banter between Captains is a riot …not to mention the great fish they hook !!!

  3. Gerard Delaney aka Jay Delaney says:

    Here’s to another great season of fishing to the men of wicked tuna tails up boys and happy Father’s day to Dave and the rest of the fleet God bless you guys and your family’s

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