A Fishery Management Proposal

Its frustrating to watch fish regulators on the various fishery management councils continuously cut back on fishermen allocations with no regard for how they will make up for the “scientific” decision that takes revenue from them. I have reached out to various politicians to create a Farm Bill for fishermen, which would be a huge undertaking for the Congress, and in the current political climate, it seems like an impossible task, even though it is needed. In the meantime, the mismanagement continues, and people are pushed closer to exit the industry, which is unacceptable. What I am proposing is to correct this and mitigate the damage caused by the cutback is legislation. This is what I would like to see. Sam Parisi >click to read<12:16

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  1. - Moderator says:

    Please comment here in the comment section with your thoughts on whether this is something worth pursuing, and how we could, and should move forward.
    Thank You,
    Sam Parisi, Gloucester Mass.

  2. Charles F Tekula jr says:

    Faced with the bare bones stats — the United States has the most potentially productive coastline than any other country on earth; our per capita seafood consumption is down near the bottom of all developed countries; and we import over 80% of our seafood — we must realize that the over management of the commercial fishing industry is policy. It is not oversight. Without a unified voice on the basic issues there will never be change.We have to learn how to take care of ourselves.

  3. sam parisi says:

    We need help now this fish bill is the way to survive please join in and voice your approval now .Sam Parisi

  4. Jj Johnson says:

    I am confused by the proposal and wonder if an example could be made. With so many fisheries fully utilized whose fish are we going to re-allocate to whom? Should all of the open access fisheries give up fish to save the failed quota system guys?

    In an era of constant cutbacks and dire warnings of coming eco-calamity it is a bad time to be a fisherman.

  5. Sam Parisi says:

    To respond to Mr Johnson comet ,A fish Bill would be a long term solution to our problems ,were by the government reimburse us for those species that NOAA claims is in danger and as those stocks rebuild ,less compensation .It is pretty simple we work with NOAA and the government helps us during hard times ,Thank You Sam Parisi

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