Proposed “Let Them Spawn” bill looks to further regulate NC fishermen

There’s a debate going on in our state right now concerning fishing. A new bill just passed the North Carolina House. It’s focused on certain species and how to regulate them. The bill looks at what you can keep and what you have to throw back. There are several fish this bill targets: Southern flounder, Spot, Atlantic Croaker, Kingfish, Striped Mullet, and Bluefish – all species lawmakers say have been declining for years.,,,The bill, known as the “Let Them Spawn” bill would require state fishery managers to set a minimum size limit to try and let 75% of these 6 species reproduce at least one time. >click to read<14:03

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  1. James Rodriguez says:

    This is so stupid, humans sre not even affecting the reproduction of the fish. You cant even imagine what the oceans can do in producing seafood mass. More fish are eatin by other fish each day than humans can catch in a year! For some reason , sportsmen groups are controlling politics and lawmakers. CCA, ect. and they have no business doing that by intimidating restaraunts and owners and politicians with their complaint groups that act as concerned sportsmen. CCA is using sportsmen as usefull idiots . Sportfishing is also commercial fishing because it brings profits to companys and guides and boat sales, and hotels, and charter boats and on and on,right? You phonies are about profit and control. You just want commercial fishermen shut down based on lyes to eliminate competition.

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