A Big Wave journey

It’s the dream and goal of anyone who spends significant time in commercial fishing. Unless you’re a moneyed investor, you start on the deck, learn how everything works — from winches to weather to your crewmate’s breaking point. The persistent ones who demonstrate a knack eventually make it into the wheelhouse, where the hard labor of the deck is replaced with the stress of responsibility. Those who forge through this level look to the next — buying so they can have the direct benefit of ownership and of their own work. But ownership is a high bar and it means that the captain is willing to take on the entire responsibility of the operation. The stress doesn’t go away.  Those who succeed in the fisheries are eternal optimists — because belief in the next haul, the next season, gets you over the rough patches. On the Big Wave, Ryan Barrett is looking steadily ahead to the goal. >click to read< 16:21

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