Captain admits throwing illegally caught fish overboard in NC

A fishing captain has pleaded guilty to throwing away fish in North Carolina to prevent the Coast Guard from seizing it. Federal prosecutors said Tuesday that 51-year-old William Juel, of Little River, South Carolina, pleaded guilty to disposing of illegally caught fish in North Carolina. Authorities say the Coast Guard approached his boat, the Island Runner, and boarded it in November 2017. >click to read< 09:54

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  1. Billy Davis says:

    Why would you use a shrimp trawler for this story, not even the boat that was used in the illegal activity. I’ll bring it to the owners attention, I doubt he’ll appreciate it either.

    • - Moderator says:

      Billy, there’s only one guy that can answer that question, and his name is Loyd Price, the reporter from WNCT9. Be sure to bring it to his attention, too. There are also questions of the activity being illegal, by some fishermen.

    • Joel Hovanesian says:

      This web site has been enlightening people to the trials and tribulations concerning the commercial fishing industry for nearly a decade. It is a pro fishing site that is unrivaled in this regard.
      Blaming the moderator for putting up a story and picture that was done by a local news channel serves no purpose other than to fracture what is left of an already fractured industry that is under assault from the environmental community to our elected empty suits in DC and locally.
      Direct your ire towards where the fault lies, not at one of the only places we fishermen can go to get the truth through an un-smeared lens.
      WNCT-9 posted the picture with the story, not the website!

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