TRAWL-OUT WAR The French and British fishermen set for battle at sea if UK leaves the EU without a deal

In a coastal arc from Poole, Dorset, to Lowestoft in Suffolk, his co-op’s trawlers net tons of herring, plaice, sole, squid, cuttlefish, mackerel and red mullet, mostly for sale in France, Italy and Spain. On Boulogne-sur-Mer’s quayside, 32,000 tonnes of fish are landed each year and 5,000 jobs depend on the industry. But with a No-Deal Brexit on the horizon, Eric’s flotilla faces being banned from fishing in UK waters. “It will be a disaster for us,” he says. Britain will exit the Common Fisheries Policy at midnight on October 31 if Boris Johnson pushes through Brexit without a deal. >click to read<11:26

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